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Last week I promised to start a new series entitled “What If”. But then the week came and everything that could intervene did so.

For a woman in business; necessary distractions that are not at all business related, means that every good business intention turns to dust. That which I hoped to accomplish came to naught as my Momma used to say; while that which could have waited did not! So the naked truth is. . . the post I planned did not come to fruition. 

However, PAPA God is very good to me even when I flail about with angst over not getting done what I wanted to get done. So because of His amazing grace, I can now publish a short post to begin an important series about our “what ifs”! 

What I found when surfing my Facebook feed to catch up on the latest news and happenings among my friends is the perfect lead in to the series. It is this image posted by Lori Moreno that asks one of our “what if”s most important questions. 

“What if all our dreams came true?”  How serendipitous is that? My “what if” statement that didn’t get stated meets Lori’s “what if” statement that I can post and speak to. . . at least in part!

Imagine that! What if everything we ever dreamed of being, doing, having, giving became a living reality in our lives? Here’s some thoughts that come to mind as I contemplate such a happening:

  1. Would I believe it if it happened?
  2. Would I be fully satisfied when it does?
  3. Would I be more cautious about what I dream if I knew it would become a fact of life?
  4. Would I find contentment or would the reality of dreams-come-true just bring a desire for more?
  5. How might I be changed if all my dreams came true?
  6. How might life be different when they came true?
  7. Would I loose that which I’ve gained?
  8. Would I loose relationships that are meaningful to me now?
  9. Could I handle having all my dreams come true?
  10. How differently might I view myself; and how differently might others do as well!

Amazing how the very thought of all my dreams coming true causes a knot in the pit of my stomach because I simply never fully entertained that possibility! And the fallout or outcome of such a miracle might mean dramatic changes in a life that although not perfect – is comfortable!

As I slide into a new series on what if, my question to you is “what comes to mind when you think of ALL your dreams coming true?  In other words, what is your “what if”?

Share them in the comments as we’d love to hear from you!



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