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The Pause that Refreshes

Some of you may be of a vintage where this marketing phrase evokes memories of a famous cool drink commercial that hit the spot on a hot summer day. Though designed to encourage folks to quench one’s thirst, it represents a fact of life well beyond one’s physical thirst.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Creativity!

It’s been one of those weeks. Everyday packed with something of relative importance with little time to think about a blog post. But when I did, nothing came. My brain was a virtual desert. I assume this would be another week of no Friday AWI post.

However, this a.m. it occurred to me that I need a break. And that old Coca-Cola commercial phrase, “The Pause that refreshes” flashed to mind.

Not only is it a message from PAPA that I need to honor my intuition and take a break; but that encouraging others to do so as part of a success strategy just might be good blog material!

Surely not!

That might be exactly what you’re thinking. Surely taking a break from pursuing life, liberty and business success is the opposite of arriving at a successful outcome. Yet health professionals tell us that taking breaks in the midst of our busy lives are more apt to lead to achieving what we desire than continuing to plow forward when our bodies scream “STOP!”

There is something about stopping to rest our minds when taxed to the limit that permits our native creativity to rise to the surface.  And resting the mind requires we also rest our bodies.

Then there is the old adage that a watched pot never boils. In other words, when we strongly desire something happen and happen NOW, it doesn’t. When we turn our attention elsewhere, what we are eager to have happen does so in timely manner.

Seems to me that is an equal partner with the “pause that refreshes”!

Wisdom for Women in Business

Frankly I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know from experience. But then we are creatures of out of sight-out of mind. If it’s not hitting me over the head, I’m not conscious of it.

It took the unspoken heart’s desire for peace and rest to unlock the door to my creative mind so it could spit out not only a theme for today’s post; but wisdom for each of us as women in business. Not only women in business-business; but the business of life, family, friends, church, community . . . you name it; we’re in it!

The most successful business guru’s who charge big bucks to help men and women in business achieve successful outcomes tell us that learning to rest is a key element of arriving at the success we desire. Even when we are at the height of required activity! Take a break. Sit down, prop your feet up, close your eyes and let the mind and body slow down and find peace in the midst of frantic activity.

There’s much more to be said on the subject of the “pause”, but for another day. It’s time for me to pursue a break from the frantic activity of the week.

But before I close up shop and head for a bit of leisure; let me encourage you to STOP what you’re doing and take a “Pause that refreshes”.  You’ll be amazed at how creative energy returns just when you need it the most.

The Truth about Success!

A “pause” really does lead to success. Because the truth is, success is a series of steps in the direction of a desired outcome.

Even when the next step in the process is kicking up one’s feet along the way. . .



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