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“My destiny is not a desert!” And it occurs to me that neither is yours!

I’ve been in a funk for some time now. A funk that has sapped energy and destroyed most, if not all creativity. I recently named it “the desert”. And finally I’ve been able to identify part of the reason for wandering in the funky desert for so long.

For whatever reason, when we believe we are to engage in activities that don’t seem a good fit for us; such can be difficult. Doesn’t have to be nefarious activities; just anything that we don’t feel is in our wheelhouse.

I confess to you that I do not consider myself a “business guru”. I do know that I have considerable knowledge and experience in the area of women’s personal growth. Personal growth that helps women in business, anywhere in the world, become successful.

Here’s what I know:

      1. PERSONAL GROWTH is as important to our business/professional success as training, workshops, business books – even college degrees and post-graduate credits. While any or all of these help us grow in knowledge and expertise about what it is we do; they may not help us develop personal wisdom about self – and others.
      2. THE BEST TEACHERS of personal growth are those who know us best. Those who know us well and most likely over time are the best folks to help us know ourselves – and our impact on others. The really good among them are willing to tell us the truth, in as much love as they can muster. It’s a tough education, but one that is simply priceless.
      3. A DECISION TO PURSUE PERSONAL GROWTH is the beginning of the journey to success. Of course, it does depend on how we define success. If success is only about power, money and prestige; the development of our character may not matter! .
      4. PERSONAL GROWTH is scary. At least it is to many folks. Usually women, especially business and professional women are more prone to engage than men. I suspect it’s our predominately right-brain approach to life. But the main thing whether scared or not, is to jump in with a plan and the decision to develop the muscles of character, integrity and emotional strength regardless of how difficult the process!
      5. PERSONAL GROWTH will get us through life’s rough spots. What I’ve experienced over the years is that what would through me for a loop when younger is simply a barely recognized blip on my radar screen at this point in life. Not to say that there aren’t still some things that can be gut blows – but having developed strong emotional muscles makes recovery quicker and less traumatic.
      6. In line with number 5, I came across the following  post by Triberr friend, Noel Rosos, entitled “How Do You Prepare for Adversity”. It resonated with me because he talks about “personal development” which is the same as “personal growth” in my language. You can read Noel’s thoughts on the matter for yourself!
      7. EACH LIFE SEASON has it’s own set of personal growth issues with which to deal. We either recognize them and get on with learning what they have to teach us.  Or we buckle under, sit down and refuse to go on from that point. Having said that makes number 8 that much more important
      8. PERSONAL GROWTH comes with what we would call “negative life experiences”. It’s true that we grow through suffering, whether it’s of our own making through choices we make, or the result of vicarious happenings about which we have little or no control.

I recall the nervous laugh I uttered when my long-time spiritual director informed me that personal-spiritual growth would come through humanly unpleasant circumstances simply because that’s the way PAPA God rubs off our rough edges and gets our ego’s turned from self to Him and others! It’s just the way it is. . .

Well 8 things I know about personal growth and development. Eight things that are not only critically important to us as women who have chosen a lifestyle that includes owning, managing and running a business. With a deep burning desire to be successful doing so; however we define success for ourselves.

Next week, I’ll take us on a journey which begins by asking – “Just what is PERSONAL GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT?”  I hope you’ll come back to read and leave your thoughts as well.



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